My Week(end) on Instagram

Memorial Day was super low-key this year-- Steve and I stopped by my parents for dinner one night and sat out by the pool at my aunt's on Sunday. Yes, sat out. As in, this girl was not getting in the cold water! Got to work on my color though :)

Photo Randomness: The BF Steve and my younger sis, Melissa 

Sweet Miss Bella 

The weekend wasn't all just burgers and junk food. I made (juiced?) a new juice of celery, apple, and spinach. I'm not a fan of celery, so I wasn't feeling this one much. If  you do like celery, you would love this juice-- healthy greens with a touch of sweetness from the apples. Recipe to come!

Memorial Day dinner: burgers & tots... yum!

Steve and I being goofy weirdos

Also, can you tell I'm absolutely OBSESSED with the new A Beautiful Mess app?

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