Happy Monday! Weekend Recap & DSLR Camera Questions

Happy Monday... or is it? It's always tough coming back to work from a 4-day vacation, or rather a staycation as we didn't do too much this weekend. A few days of sleeping in, relaxing, and not doing a whole lot of anything was very much needed. 

In other news, I've been thinking of purchasing a DSLR-- I have been wanting to take a photography class for several years now, but between work and traffic, I don't have much time. Why wait? I can practice and teach myself a few things. I'm just not sure which camera to start with; I've been thinking about going for the Canon Rebel T3, as from reviews it sounds like a good starter camera.Is Canon T3i Rebel better? 

Any insight or recommendations? What about lenses? This girl is clueless!

Fourth of July was lowkey-- spent the day at my parents' BBQing, hanging out, and having fun with fireworks. I made delicious, homemade baked beans that I linked to last week-- SO good! Bella thought our sparklers were toys so we had to play keep away from her, crazy dog!

We did end up (finally!) going to the beach-- it was a perfect day! On Sunday, Steve wanted to try fishing at a nearby lake so I decided to join him and his friend. We arrived late in the afternoon and the sun starting to set over the water was so gorgeous! 

Oh, and that cute, floppy beach hat I'm wearing above? I'll be giving it away soon-- stay on the look out for an upcoming giveaway! 

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