July 9, 2013

Tanked: 5 Under $50

tanks under $50
I'll be honest-- I'm not much of a fan of guys wearing tank tops. I guess if they're tan and have decent arms/chests I'm cool with that, but if those don't apply to you, guys, please don't wear tanks. I remember as a kid my parents taking my sister and I on a chartered bus ride to the Hollywood Bowl for the first time. I don't remember much else about that trip or who we saw, but the whole way I sat eye level to a man's nipple peeking out through his tank. Must have left a scar.

However, these days I love wearing tanks myself! Solids, graphic prints, textured-- I love them! They're great for throwing over a swimsuit, or a cute bralette, or, throw a light jacket or chambray shirt over them; pair with maxi skirts, shorts, short skirts, pants, whatever! Here are a few that I've been loving:

Have  you come across any cute tanks lately?

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