Four Favorites: Fall Inspiration

For those of us living in Southern California, summer tends to stick around until like, I don't know-- November? Kidding (kind of), but out here we definitely have some time before starts feeling like fall... or at least as fall as it can feel. While we may not totally get that leaves-changing, cool, crisp weather that many other parts of the nation do, I still love fall-- the new fashions, gorgeous rich colors, and cool-weather trends.

Feeling Fall: I try to bring the autumn feeling into my home with fall floral arrangements-- out go the bright flowers, being replaced with oranges, maroons, and creams. It gives my place a warmer, cozy feeling.

Fall Must-Have: This gorgeous Darcy Leather Satchel from Rebecca Minkoff. The port shade is so fall and would look excellent on my arm. Just saying.

Fav Fall Trend: Socks with lace-up/combat boots with dresses. Even though it's not fall yet, I found myself wearing a similar style  this past weekend.

Absolute Fall Favorite: Three words-- Pumpkin. Spice. Lattes.

What are some of your fall favorites?

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