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So happy it's Friday, especially since this is the start of a long 3-day weekend! This year, I don't have any big plans for Labor Day-- just looking forward to relaxing, sleeping in, spending time with friends and family and of course my boopie, Steve.

1. My drive to work this week has been extremely long-- some days 2.5 hours of traffic! Luckily, the traffic coming home has been quicker and there have been some beautiful late August sunsets behind me.

2. It's official-- I have become addicted to juicing! Recipe for this one green juice, two ways, coming soon!

3. With the stress of traffic this week, these beautiful roses Steve had delivered to the office came at the perfect time. I absolutely love the colors, and they smell amazing! Sometimes my sweetie can be such a sweetie.

4. We're always spotting Mittens sniffing around the bottom shelf of our entertainment stand, so Steve created a little bed in it for her. Guess who I spotted getting cozy!

5. Double high-five for the three-day weekend. I hope everyone has an amazing three-day weekend-- Happy un-Labor Day!

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