Fall To-Do List

It's unbelievable how quick this year is going by but we are now officially in fall- which means cooler weather, cute fall styles & trends, and fall fun! As one of my favorite seasons, I have quite a few things on my fall must-do list:

1. A day trip to Oak Glen in Yucaipa is a must this year-- I really want to pick my own pumpkin, and pick up one of Apple Annie's hugemongous, super delicious apple pies and some fresh, apple cider. If you've never been and are in the SoCal area, I definitely recommend making a trip out here. 

2. Start baking again! This summer has been way too hot in our apartment to bake, the few times I did turn on the oven I felt like I was baking. Last fall, I discovered this delicious cookie recipe and this year I especially can't wait to bake these and this deliciousness

3. Revamping our office has been on my to-do list for awhile now. Since we moved in, it's been an office/ extra storage room, mainly for Steve's computer, guitars, and recording equipment. I have my little desk in there as well that I pretty much only use as a vanity, but I'd still like to get the room looking decent. Not too exciting, but this weekend I plan on getting some of my prints hung and make a cork board for over my desk.

What are some of your fall must-do's?

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