Four Favorites: Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday next to Christmas-- I love pumpkins (and pumpkin flavor everything!), spooky decorations, candy and yummy sweets, dressing up in fun costumes-- anything and everything having to do with Halloween!  

Here are a few Halloween favorites to get you in a festive mood:

Yummy Treats: I will be making these delicious looking Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spice Brown Butter Frosting for our office Halloween potluck on Friday.

Decorations: I have been fun decorating my apartment for Halloween this year-- pumpkins have invaded! We have a fireplace so I gave the mantel a fall/spooky makeover-- complete with candles, mini pumpkins, a skull, and potion bottle. Oh, and I can't forget the super cute candy corn lights!

Pumpkin Carving: I have no clue how I'll be carving/decorating my pumpkin this year yet... usually I just grab one of those dotted designs, I'm not exactly a skilled carver :/

Halloween Parties: I love a good Halloween party and luckily have at least one to attend each year. This year, I'll be dressing up as the Black Swan and like most years, am most excited for the costume. How cool will that eye makeup be?! 

For more Halloween favorites and pins, please check out my Pinterest board This Is Halloween. What is your favorite part of Halloween?

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