Desert Weekend

Happy Monday and happy Veteran's Day to those who are celebrating! I had a great weekend out in the Mojave Desert with my family-- camping and off-road riding (I  have been riding quads since high school, not dirt bikes :P). This weekend was special because along with my mom's birthday, my cousin, who works all over as an environmentalist, was able to come out, along with my uncle whom I hadn't seen for several years.

We typically head to off-road camping areas outside of Barstow but this weekend we went a farther north to Trona, Calif., which is on the other side of Red Mountain, just south of Ridgecrest. The area is known for the Trona Pinnacles, which are these huge porous rock formations-- they're pretty neat to see and have actually been used in the backdrop of quite a few films. I took a mini piece home as a souvenir-- yes, I'm a nerd like that! The OHV campground we stayed out was littered with HUGE rock formations and down the trails were several [closed] abandoned mines. 

This post is a little off-topic from my blog, but I thought it would be fun to show the other side of me, the side that isn't afraid to get dirty, caught with no makeup, and spends her weekend in DVS shoes, bootcut jeans, and Volcom or Skin Industries tees drinking beer-- total #brolife-- I should have taken an outfit pic! Here are a few more photos from the weekend:

The guys on the quads at base of pinnacles

Me in the Rhino (so fun!)

Happy birthday to my mom! Glad she enjoyed the weekend :)

Gorgeous desert sunset

All in all, it was a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to our Thanksgiving trip out! How did you spend your weekend?

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