November 13, 2013

Four Favorites: November

Great food, family time, the start of the holidays... what's not to love about November? Besides stuffing myself with great food, during November I start making my wish list, which is all too easy for me! Here are a few of my favorites this month, three of which are musts for my Christmas wish list:

You've seen my obsession with cute summer hats and it continues into fall with this adorable, wide-brimmed Ferndale Floppy Hat from Anthropologie.

I happened to catch an Insta from Target Does It Again for these cool stag heads and antlers from Target's Threshold collection-- I really want antlers but I'm eyeballing this figurine as well-- he looks like he needs to join the party on my mantel!

Several weeks ago I decided it was high time to cover this random pillow I had purchased last year for that sole purpose. At the fabric store, I came across a burlap with gold polka dots and fell in love-- it was perfect! You can DIY (okay, my grandma made the cover-- I'm a disgrace with the sewing machine!), or if you're too lazy you can find them over on Etsy :P

Wrap + Studs + Watch = YES, PLEASE! The new Time For Style Watch from mark. is a must for my arm. Plus, for $35 it's totally do-able for my budget.

What are you loving this month?

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  1. This month, I'm all about those little fit-and-flare skirts. It's a totally different silhouette than I typically wear -- I'm a pencil-skirt kinda gal -- but I love the little flare paired with a bulky sweater to balance out the shortness of the skirt. Plus, any excuse to wear colored tights (I'm in fuchsia today) is a good one.

    1. Love those skirts! I've had one on my shopping list for a few weeks now-- I love your idea of wearing them with bulky sweaters and tights!

  2. Love your favorites - the pillow cover is too cute!I I have similar gold antlers from Target in my shopping cart, so chic!


  3. have been dyinggg for the gold antlers from target! wanting to do a rustic chic christmas decor this year and it would be so perfect!

  4. I love the antlers, I will have to check them out at Target. I have been shamelessly browsing White Faux Taxidermy in search of one!


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