Christmas Day Favorites

Merry Christmas! 

One of the most wonderful days of the year is finally here-- although it sure doesn't feel much like a wintery Christmas here in LA-- it's about 80 ยบ out! I'm grateful to be able to spend the day with my family and loved ones. We have a busy day ahead with several Christmases to attend, but here are some of my favorites for Christmas day:

Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls & Coffee: Christmas morning is not complete without a fresh cup of coffee, the yule log and holiday tunes playing on the TV (my parents don't have a fireplace so we watch a yule log, hehe-- does anyone else do this??) and the smell of cinnamon rolls baking. Yum!

Family Gift Opening: Even though I no longer live with my parents, we still head over there Christmas Eve and stay the night so we can open gifts first thing in the morning. While I love receiving gifts (who doesn't?!?), I also love giving them and surprising my family with things they don't really expect. It really does feel good to give.

Christmas Dinner: Potatoes, beef, rolls... no Christmas is complete without a traditional family dinner. 

Feelings of Joy: My favorite thing about Christmas is the overall feelings of joy and cheer you get (minus the shopping stress!) from the holiday season. Spending it with loved ones, hearing Christmas music softly playing in the background, and the wonderful smells of Christmas all make for a special day. 

Wishing you and your family a wonderful, joy-filled holiday :)

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