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Do you ever come across those days where you just have no clue what to blog about? Today is one of those days for me where I didn't have anything scheduled or thought of in advance. It might just be because it's a Monday and I'd rather be holed up in bed under the covers, but my brain is not feeling particularly creative or inspired today. While I was thinking of a topic and post for today I came across the above quote and thought it was the perfect quote for today and led me to start writing this post on finding inspiration.

Sometimes I'll come across recipes that I tweak a little by adding or taking away this or that, making them my own; or, I'll come across an outfit that I love, recreate it, and put my own personal style on it. Make it yours and own it. However, when my brain has clearly taken the day off, here are four things that help me find inspiration and ideas:

1. Pinterest
What was life before Pinterest?!? This site has become my bookmarking Bible for recipes, outfits, products, quotes, decor ideas, color swatches, anything and everything. Pinterest is a great site to go to when you need a boost of inspiration, but heed warning, pinning uncontrollably is bound to happen!

2. Life
Sometimes it takes just getting out of the office, away from the computer, up from the couch, or out of the apartment to become inspired. Try a new restaurant or bar, hang out with friends, spend the day outside at the park or on a hike, try a new activity or start that DIY you've been wanting to do. You never know what conversations or experiences may spark an interesting blog post.

3. Blogs
Aside from having no clue what to post today, I also drew inspiration from a recent post on A Fabulous Fete on getting and staying inspired. Now, don't get finding inspiration in someone else's posts confused with plagiarizing or copying their posts, but it could help as a jumping off point for you to create a post of your own with your own ideas. Thanks for the help, Lauren!

4. Lists
When all else fails, start making a list of ideas and topics that you can explore and just go for it. Heck, even make a list of lists-- roundups and lists (um, like this one) always make for good reading, right? :P

What do you find most inspires you?

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