February 11, 2014

Good HUES-Day: Pink + Red

pink and red

I made it a goal this week to wear pink and/or red everyday this week and so far, I'm doing pretty good. Aside from white, black, and neutrals, my closet has a lot of pink... I could probably go another week just wearing various shades of pink.

Keeping up with this week's Valentine's Day theme, today I couldn't go without rounding up a few pink & red picks:

Have you been dressing in theme this week or do you stay away from anything Valentine's Day associated? :P


  1. I love the pieces girl, that skirt is too cute.

  2. these are perfect v-day picks! i can never get enough pink in my life. :)

    cute & little

  3. I love pink and I love red! I try to not overdo it, but every time I can choose from multiple colors, pink especially tugs at my heart strings. Guess what color I wearing now - pink sweater and pink scarf!


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