February 22, 2014

National Margarita Day Recipe Roundup

Happy National Margarita Day! I've never been a huge fan of tequila (bad incident when I was 16), but I'm always down for a yummy, ice-cold margarita! In honor of National Margarita Day, I'm sharing 10 fresh takes on the traditional margarita... before grabbing my own!

JalepeƱo Margarita
Skinny Blackberry Margarita

Mango Margarita

Cranberry Ginger Vanilla Margarita

Spicy Grapefruit Margarita

Pomegranate Margarita

Skinny Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

Ginger Mint Margarita

For more good libations and sip-spirations, check out my Sippin' board on Pinterest. Cheers!


  1. Oh my goodness my favorite is a pomegranate margarita hands down! Thank you so much for sharing!! Happy National Margarita Day!!! :)

  2. Well, dar it! Now I want a good margarita! What a good collection of recipes, can't wait to try the blackberry one;)


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