March 31, 2014

Actively Getting Active

Starting to exercise

I've never been much of an active person-- sports were never my thing, I spent more time chatting and goofing off in PE than actually being physical. I haven't worked out in years and I feel so inactive-- I think the office slump has been taking over.

The hard part is getting started but I'm writing this blog post as a vow to get up and get with it.

Tell me, how do you stay fit and active?


  1. I was a dancer up until a few years ago, so I never even had to think about working out. Now, I really struggle to work out, but love how I feel after and of course love the results. I've found that taking workout classes is really the key to my success!! It's so much easier to go when there's a scheduled time, and I work out so much harder with someone pushing me. If you like working out at home, the free Nike Training App has awesome at-home workouts too and tons of options!


  2. I also am not that active but I find it helps when you have a friend or family member to commit with you and do things together, it helps motivate me more. And its more fun to me.

  3. I do a lot of walking - fast walking. I just managed to get blisters from walking with new shoes (they felt so comfy when I put them on!!), so until they heal I probably won't do as much. I hated gym in school, ugly gym clothes, nothing fun.

  4. well I don't own a car I don't drive (honestly I suck at driving I would rather watch the scenery then the road) So I walk everywhere.


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