Four Favorites: April Showers

Four Favorites

Rain... what is that? Out here in Los Angeles we've hardly had any rain this year, which unfortunately has been causing a state of draught around the state. When I don't have to deal with traffic, I actually don't mind the rain. I have a couple of cute umbrellas (I am loving this black & white striped with pink umbrella from Kate Spade!) and I should probably invest in a good pair of rain boots for the days it does rain, such as this pretty peachy pink pair from Target.

Wet, muddy feet are a no-go at my apartment so a doormat is a must-- I love these snarky doormats from Reed Wilson Design. Lighting up a fresh scented candle is the perfect way to keep my mood up when I'm stuck indoors, how amazing does Voluspa Eden & Pear candle sound?

What are some of your favorites on rainy April days?

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