Summer Ready Skin... in Three Steps!

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Happy day after Memorial Day! Out here in the West Coast, Memorial Day marks the beginning of beach season, vacation time, pool parties, basically anything and everything you can (must?) wear a swim suit to. Meaning lots of skin showing: sleek, bronzy tan glowing skin. However, before getting to the point of showing off that sleek bronzy-ness, skin needs to be prepped. Keep reading for my three simple steps to getting skin ready for summer:

STEP 1: First things first (especially if your legs have been hiding under pants!), grab that razor, slap on some shaving cream and give those legs a good shave. Reduce cuts and nicks by changing out your blade often when it dulls and by keeping skin lathered with shaving cream (in a pinch, conditioner works well too!). Or wax, if you’re into that. While you’re at the waxing salon don’t forget about the downstairs area and clean up those bikini lines ;)

STEP 2: Before applying any type of self-tanning products, be sure to exfoliate skin as this will create a smoother surface for the self-tanner as well as help it last longer and moisturize skin better. You want to slough off dead skin cells, clean out pores, and soften any dry patches to smooth out skin. If you’re planning on applying self-tanner to your face, use a gentle exfoliator (try Beautisol's Citrus Face Exfoliant) as to not irritate skin.  Exfoliate regularly, up to twice a week, to keep skin glowing all through the summer.

STEP 3: For me, applying a self-tanning mousse works best (I have posted about my self-tanner favorites and top picks for self-tanners), especially when using a tanning mitt. Tanning application mitts allow you to easily blend for an even tan.  Plus, hands stay clean! I never apply self-tanner to my face as I opt to use bronzer instead (I use a deeper shade during summer months), but if so you can pick up a tanner that is formulated for use on the face.  If you have dry skin, most especially on knee caps and elbows, be sure to use a moisturizing lotion days prior to applying tan to get an even, non-splotchy coverage.

To keep my tan lasting, I apply a gradual tan moisturizer on top. If you’re fair-skinned, you may want to skip the self-tanner and go straight for the gradual moisturizer. For best results, wait several minutes before putting on clothing or a swim suit over the product. 

Keep skin glowing and looking healthy by keeping skin protected: limit time spent in the sun and apply sunblock and products formulated with SPF that protect against UVA and UVB rays. Several years ago I had a suspicious looking mole removed; the doctor told me if I had left it, in less than ten years it would turn into a form of skin cancer. I know make sure to cover up accordingly and am constantly reapplying sunscreen if I am out in the sun. Skin protection is no joke.  (PSA over!)

Happy self-tanning :)

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