Four Favorites: Life's A Party, Dress Like It Summer Favorites

Hey everyone! For this week's Four Favorites I have a very special guest, Paige from Life's A Party, Dress Like It. Paige is a fellow LA girl with a fun, fab style. Her blog has a laid-back Cali vibe, but she's always sporting something trendy and cute. Check out her favorites below, go give her a follow and be sure to link up with her for Stylish Tuesdays!


Hi lovely readers of A Good Hue! 

My dear friend Amanda asked me to write a guest post and I was over the moon! My name is Paige and I'm a fellow LA girl and the blogger behind Life's A Party, Dress Like It

Amanda asked me to share four of my favorite things with y'all and wWith Summer literally upon us, (although let's be real Summer is always upon us in sunny os Angeles,) I couldn't help but share my four favorite things about Summertime! 

Jack Rogers: To say I live in my Jack Rogers would be an exterme understatement. Need to dress up a casual outfit? Throw on the jacks. Want to be comfortable at a wedding without heels and don't know what to pair with your fancy dress? Throw on the jacks. On your way to the beach? Throw on the jacks. I think you get the point! 

These sandals were made to be worn day in and day out and still look brand new. They're a little pricey at around $100 a pop but trust me you'll wear them with everything. I shamefully have 4 or 5 pairs!

Francescas Westlake Shorts: I went into Francesca's the other day and tried on a pair of these shorts and about died when I felt like I was wearing PJ's! Not only are these shorts amaze-balls but I'm all about printed shorts for the Summer! They pair perfectly with a basic tank or tee which we all already have! Trust me you'll want to grab a few pairs of printed shorts this season and you'll thank me when you're in a rush to an event and you already have a great go-to outfit! 

Cinespia Movies at Hollywood Forever: I'm sure a lot of you aren't from LA but there's probably some type of outdoor movie watching to be done near where you are or a drive in theatre! While we have plenty of movie viewing options in LA, I absolutely LOVE going to the Hollywood Forever to catch a flick. 

Yes Hollywood Forever is where all of the rich and famous are currently 6 feet under, but it's kind of cool to walk around a cemetery with your cooler full of brie cheese and wine to enjoy an old movie with a great group of friends! 

Essie 2014 Neon Nail Polish Collection: Who doesn't love painting their nails a fun color during the Summer? The 2014 Neon collection from Essie is sheer perfection!

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