June 25, 2014

Summer Favorites

This week I'm rounding up my #FourFavorites for summer! Here's what I'm loving:

1. Cute Summer Sandals: I can't get through summer without getting a new pair of flat summer sandals. They're just so easy to slip on and head out-- the only problem is there are too many cute styles to choose from! Right now I'm loving these from Kelly & Katie

2. Cuffed Denim Shorts: With it being so hot here in SoCal, especially inland where I live, shorts are a must. As soon as I get home, everything comes off and on goes the shorts! I've been wanting a pair of longer cuffed denim shorts, such as this J.Crew pair.

3. Lazy Pool Days: There's nothing like a lazy weekend, especially when it involves floating around the pool! How fun would it be to float around in a donut? Reminds me of The Simpsons :P

4. Passion Iced Tea Lemonade: It's hard to not get addicted to Starbuck's Shaken Iced Tea Lemonades but they can start to get pricey. Lucky for me they are super easy to make at home, so now I can have a refreshing, yummy drink anytime I want!


  1. love all of your favorites! Passion iced tea lemonade is a must for a refreshing summer drink :) xo

  2. I just got the donut floatie! so fun!

    Becky @ Cella Jane

  3. the denim shorts are like my all time favorite as well. I havent worn them in a while but you brought back great memories

  4. That lifesaver is so cute! Thanks for sharing!


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