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A couple weeks ago, I told my boyfriend of how I keep a list of goals on my iPhone and put a little ‘thumbs up’ Emoji next to ones I’ve completed. I’m a total list-maker—packing lists, shopping lists (I have an app for that- ShopShop), to-do lists, lists for work, gift lists, you name it. One list I have never made before though is a list for summer… until now that is! I came up with 25 to-do’s for summer, and it wasn’t easy. I had to rack my brain for a few of these and even look at some other lists for inspiration.

With summer officially starting just a couple days ago, I’ll be giving myself to Labor Day to ‘thumbs up’ these summer to-do’s:

Kayaking: I have never kayaked and it’s been on my to-do list for the last couple of years. The bf thinks he’ll end up getting stuck with most of the rowing work. He’s probably right…shhh.

Pizza on the Grill: Not sure when this became a ‘thing’ but I keep spotting recipes for cooking pizza on a grill… and they look absolutely amazing!

Random Weekend Trip:  Living on the West Coast there are so many options to get away for a quick weekend trip—Vegas, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Central Cali, San Diego, Colorado River—all great options to randomly pack up for a quick getaway and being back in time for work on Monday.

Road Trip: Maybe combine this one and above for a totally random weekend road trip? I would love to visit the Grand Canyon, road trip along the Cali coast up to NorCal or head up to Mammoth or Tahoe.

Read More Books: I have about 40 books on my Goodreads reading list and I do love to read when I can find the time. My goal this summer is to knock through a good chunk of them, at least 10.

Grow Herbs: … and don’t kill them. I need to work on my green thumb; apparently I have zero plant skills because somehow all my herbs end up dying on me.

Movie Night at the Drive-In:  We have a drive-in up the street (literally, it’s less than 2 miles away) and I have never been. I’m not a fan of movie theaters but a movie in my car? That I could handle.

Ride Bike:  I purchased a bike several years ago and I’ve only ridden it a handful of times. This summer, my plan is to get more use out of it. Tip: You won’t get very far uphill on a beach cruiser without any gears. Trust me.

Go to the Beach: When I lived in Manhattan Beach, the beach was practically my backyard. However, since moving inland to Chino I haven’t been going as much. I think I went once last year, maybe twice. This summer my goal is at least 3 times, hopefully more, and one of those times MUST be a beach bonfire.

Indoor Go-Kart Racing: The bf keeps saying how we should go and do this… um, let’s go!

Make Ice Cream/Sorbet: Without an ice cream maker. Any recipe recommendations?

Eat at One New Restaurant Each Month: There are always new restaurants popping up and so many existing that I haven’t been to. Now is the time to change that and try something new each month. To make this to-do even more challenging, I’ll order a dish I wouldn’t normally go for.
          June: Slater's 50/50

Photography e-Course: Learn how to properly use my Canon camera and take it out of auto-mode (Aperture? ISO? HUH?!?) and learn how to take better pictures in general.

Homemade Macarons: I found this Frosted Flakes macarons recipe  that I’ve been meaning to try for a few months now…*UPDATE* I tried the recipe and they came out great! Can’t wait to make the next batch!

Attend Blog Events:  I had to miss out on the last few blogging events I’ve been invited to. Next time, I’m making it a priority to attend.

Try New Summer Recipes: I love cooking, but sometimes I get into ruts where I feel like I’m making the same thing over and over again. I want to try new recipes with distinct summer flavors.

Pinterest DIY Projects: Crafty projects can be so much fun (with a few fails here and there), but I’ve come across a few on Pinterest I want to try. Now I need to actually do them.

Wine tasting in Temecula: Wine tasting in Napa? Been there, done that. Now I need to visit some wineries and taste some wines closer to home in the Temecula valley.

Visit Friends: It’s true that as you get older and busier in life—work, significant others, kids etc.— and you figure out who you want in your life, some friendships can start taking a back seat. There are a few friendships that are worth salvaging, or at least catching up on over drinks… or better yet, brunch.

Bottomless Mimosa Brunch: Speaking of brunch, I‘d love to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday having a bottomless mimosa brunch— food + drinks is always a win! Well, unless you have one mimosa too many…

Movie in the Park: There’s so many parks in the LA area that offer movies in the parks—even local ones. How fun would it be to grab some seats, pack a cooler, and chill watching a movie in the park with your friends?

Take Walks After Dinner: Steve and I started doing this last month but didn’t keep it up. I’d like to get back to it, at least 3 times a week.

Visit The Getty: I’ve been to most of the biggie museums in Los Angeles- LACMA, MOCA, Norton Simon, Natural History Museum… but I have never been to The Getty. Must go!

Treat Boyfriend to a Baseball Game: While he’s not a huge sports fan, he does like baseball. Junk food and beer? I’m cool with that!

Inspire Someone to Create a Summer List: Help me cross this one off my list-- let me know if you created your own summer list and leave your post link in the comments!

Check back with me after Labor Day to see what actually got accomplished. What’s on your summer to-do list? Share!

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