Fourth of July Fun

Just wanted to share a few snaps from our Fourth of July celebration-- just a low-key pool day at my aunt's house. We had a blast staying cool in the pool, relaxing with some drinks, eating some good food and watching some fireworks. Here's a few more pics from the day:

Grilled up some veggies and honey lime chicken kabobs-- so good!

Spent the day in the pool wedged into a float tube

Steve showing his patriotism... in his DIY cutoff & fishing hat, ha

Me being a dork playing with a sparkler :P

Steve having fun with his sparkler (I think he had about 5 or 6 at once here). We ended the night by watching a nearby fireworks show at the stadium-- they did a great job and all in all we had a fun Fourth of July!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July! 

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