September 30, 2014

Good HUES-Day: 5 Must- Have Makeup Brushes

Happy Tuesday! Every beauty enthusiast knows that it's important to have good makeup brushes in their beauty arsenal. Today, I'm showing you my 5 must-have makeup brushes, read more below!

Powder Brush: Make sure it's big and make sure it's fluffy! I'm really liking the new IT Brushes for Ulta collection-- it's ultra soft, the handle is stable, and works beauty-fully.

Foundation Brush: Another one from the IT Brushes for Ulta collection, it's a little different from traditional flat foundation brushes. I used to use makeup sponges for foundations/creams but have now been using this one to blend my BB cream, which it does amazingly. I get an even application, it smoothes out the cream and blends the cream well into my skin. Two thumbs up!

Stippling Brush: I know your are looking at the photo above and wondering 'How ancient is that brush?!?' Well, yeah. But it still works amazing, why fix it if it ain't broke? I love this brush for applying highlighters and using the brush to stipple it on my cheeks for a pretty glow.

Crease Blending Brush: If I were allowed to only have one eye shadow brush, hands down it would be this one. 

All Over Shadow Brush: I use a larger shadow brush to apply base colors as well as my highlight shades on brow bone. I like how it evenly distributes shadow over my entire lid.

What one brush in your beauty tool kit is you must-have?

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  1. I have never been great about brushes. This def helps!

  2. Love this! I've had my brushes since my wedding (9 years ago) and I really need to update them. I love my powder brush the most. I just love how big and fluffy it is!


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