September 9, 2014

Good HUES-Day: Fashion Week Nail Trends

spring 2015 nail trends
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I'll be honest-- I'm way more interested in seeing the latest runway trends in beauty when it comes to fashion week. The nails, the hair, the makeup-- my favorite snaps are those taken backstage where the models are being prepped for the show. This week, I'm all about the minimalist nails coming off the catwalk-- nudes, whites and simple designs (how adorable is the baby pink + silver reverse French manicure?!) are ruling S/S 2015 and I'll be more than happy to follow this nail trend!

Have you spotted any favorite nail trends at NYFW? Tell me!

1 comment:

  1. I'm a sucker for white nails but it looks like I havea few more trends here to try!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my post Monday about my dog, I appreciate it :)


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