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Do you ever have those times where you left your phone behind? I did this on Friday as I was heading to a friends house for a skin care party. I hadn't been to her house yet but I knew the general area. When I got close, I reached in my purse for my phone to look at the directions and address and... nothing. I forgot my phone at home! 

It's amazing how much we rely on our phones now and for so many reasons-- calls, directions, maps, cameras, and so much more. There are thousands of apps now and for almost everything! I was recently introduced to Kabbage, which is a productivity boosting app providing loans for small business owners-- any app that can help me be more productive is always a winner. Here's a few of my other top favorite apps:

I live outside Los Angeles and traffic can get bad. REAL bad. Waze is a great app for finding ways to cut through traffic. I also use it to find out if an accident happened on the freeway when it’s backed up and to make sure my route is clear.

Since losing Google Reader a couple years ago I have all my must-read blogs listed on Feedly. I love that I can categorize the blogs I follow and mark posts as read, very similar to GR. I also love that I can customize how I want to see posts, I prefer the magazine layout.

This is a straight-forward app that makes it easy to create shopping lists. While I’m shopping I can pull ShopShop up, and cross off items as I stick them in my cart. Whenever I randomly think of an item I need to get, I can easily add it to my shopping list and, even better, it will remember my items so I can simply click to add them to my list. So helpful!

I love cooking and the BigOven app comes in handy on a weekly basis. I mainly use it to add my meal plans for the week to the calendar portion, but you can also use it to search for recipes (they have TONS!). I love having my meal plans handy—makes grocery shopping and cooking much easier!

This has become my numero uno photo editing app and if it’s available and you don’t have it, um why?? I can easily edit my pictures (and make them look SO much better) on Afterlight and there’s so many more filters to choose from—and I can layer on filters over one another—and create cool lighting effects.

Overdrive & Kindle
I was going to stick to just 5 favorite apps but these two apps are also favorites. I check out books from the library often (hello, free!) and if they have them available to download, it’s an even better option. I can use either Overdrive or Kindle apps to read my checked out e-books on my iPad2 and I don’t have to remember to return them. Very cool.

What are some of your favorite apps?

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