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Olay Review

“I feel my best beautiful in those moments after accomplishing a major project or goal and having that confidence to know that I did a superb job”

I was super excited to receive a package from Elle Magazine with Olay Regeneriest Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer and even more excited to try it. The package is part of their Your Best Beautiful campaign, which encourages women to embrace their best beautiful by being the best versions of themselves and to celebrate their individuality.

Olay is a highly regarded mass skin care brand with a strong focus on anti-aging. The products aren’t your typical drugstore brand, they have a luxurious feel that can be compared to department store skin care collections, yet are available at more affordable price points. I use several Olay products already but nothing currently from their Regenerist line. Since receiving the moisturizer, I have been using it daily. The Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream ($25.99 retail) is a brightening moisturizer that helps bring out skin’s natural glow. The product claims to fade dark spots in about 8 weeks, although dark spots are not really an issue for me so I cannot say anything to that effect. I do love how easily it blends and silky the moisturizer feels, leaving my skin soft and smooth. I’m hoping to notice the effects of this moisturizer more as it helps to brighten my complexion during the cooler months as it dulls from being indoors more. Overall this is a really good moisturizer and one that I recommend; plus the price is very decent for such a quality product.

I have also been using Olay Fresh Effects {Bright OnSchedule!} Eye Awakening Cream ($12.99 retail).  Fresh Effects is a line that Olay created for younger women (about 18-34) who do not necessarily need anti-aging products yet are beyond the acne stages of their teens. I love that the eye cream has a tri-roller ball which cools the skin, helping to further reduce puffy eyes. have been trying different eye creams in hopes of finding one that I really like and I think this is it! I like that the cream itself is lightweight and absorbs quickly, it eye area moisturized without feeling thick or greasy.

When face cleansing brushes first became popular, I didn’t jump on that bandwagon. I didn’t think using a cleansing brush was going to be that much better than just using your hands so spending on one just wasn’t worth it to me. I am happy to admit how wrong I was. I purchased Olay Pro XAdvanced Cleansing System ($29.99 retail, I’ve talked about it before here) and started using it daily. The system comes with the cleansing brush and the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser (love!), although I use my daily face wash with it.  I was amazed by how much more makeup it took off than if I didn’t use the brush—I would even wash my face using just facial soap and my hands and then re-wash using the cleansing brush—it took off so much more makeup that I had missed the first time!  Since using this, my skin has looked better, has felt softer and smoother, and I have experienced a reduction in chin breakouts (yay!). If you are on the fence about trying a cleansing brush or just don’t want to spend a lot on one, I highly recommend this system, at $30 it is SO worth it!

Skin care is such an important part of beauty-- having clear, bright, glowing skin is always a confidence booster for me that also helps me feel my best beautiful. When do you feel your best beautiful? Share using the hashtag #BestBeautiful!

* I was provided with the Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer via Elle Magazine, no monetary compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

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