March 24, 2015

Good HUES-Day: (Fake a) Spring Break

Staycation essentials

I'm not in school and I don't have kids so no spring break for me, but if I did, I would definitely be spending a few days at the beach, or maybe head to Palm Springs to lay out by a pool. If you're staying local for spring break, or still stuck indoors trying to stay warm, there's no shame in faking your spring break. Splurge on a super cute suit for summer, pick out your beach bag and get a head start on glowing, tan skin. You can even give your hair those sun-lightened strands for the ultimate fakeout!

What are your spring break plans?


  1. It's so cold here still so I can't wear those yet. We plan to go south for beaches and sunbathe!

    1. Crank the heater and have your own living room spring break :P

  2. I am so ready for a spring break!

  3. It's finally my spring break!! Hate that I'm not getting to go to the beach :(


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