Top 10 Photo & Wedding Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips for Wedding Photos

As a bridesmaid this past weekend, I not only had to make sure my makeup was on point for wedding photos but I had the added stress of applying my friend's bridal makeup. Even though she is extremely easy-going and not very picky, I still wanted to make sure she looked gorgeous, especially in her photos. Seriously, I would wake up at 4 a.m. with makeup related thoughts going through my head:"Should I use this shade or that shade? This product or that product?" Luckily I figured it out and the look came together beautifully!

Here's a few tips I follow when applying makeup for photos, whether it's wedding photos, outfit photos for my blog, or even if it's just to capture the perfect selfie:

1. Start with a smooth surface by prepping the skin with moisturizer (especially if dry) and with a primer, which will also help the makeup last all day.

2. I'm usually all about using products with SPF as they help protect the skin from the sun throughout the day but for photos using flash you want to stay clear of SPF. The titanium & zinc oxides in these products will make skin look washed out and ashy on camera. If you're going to be taking photos outside in the sun where flash isn't needed, I recommend playing it safe and using a low level SPF.

3. Aim for perfected skin but let your natural beauty shine through with a light layer of foundation (make sure it's the right shade; department stores, Sephora, and Ulta will offer shade matching), concealer to cover blemishes, topped with powder to reduce shine. For today's technology, HD-friendly products are preferred as they will not make the skin look thick and cakey. Not a good look on anyone!

4. You don't have to go all out Kim K. or drag queen style, but light contouring and highlighting will help define your face and bring out your features. I recommend using a shimmer-free bronzer and not going too crazy with the highlighter. A little brush of highlighter on the tops of the cheeks and on the brow bone can really make cheekbones and eyes standout.

5. While we're on the subject of definition, make sure brows are groomed and filled-in if needed-- perfect brows are the key to making making the face pop!

6. Play up your best features but don't go overboard! Choose either bold lips or smoky eyes to make a statement, but not both. Balance glam eyes with a muted lip. Before applying any lip product, use a sugar lip scrub to help soften lips and a balm to help moisturize and hydrate lips.

7. To help open eyes, especially small eyes, use a light shade on the lids. Use eye liner (liquid or kohl is best for photos) along with mascara to makes the eyes stand out. If using fake lashes, use softer, natural-looking lashes.

8. Matte shades for face and eyes look best. Makeup with shimmer can end up look too sheen or greasy on camera.

9. Blend, blend, blend! Use products that blend easily to keep the look soft and to remove any harsh lines. On your face, you should not be able to see where your foundation ends and begins and be sure to bring it down onto your neck and d├ęcolletage.

10. Natural light is the best for applying makeup, especially if the photos are going to be taken outdoors in natural light. Find a spot near a window, or use really good indoor lighting.

Finally, have fun and don't be afraid to be creative... and there's always PhotoShop if something needs a little extra help ;)

Weding Photo Makeup Tips

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