3 Steps to Soft, Kissable Lips

I probably should have posted this in the dead of winter when dry skin and icky chapped lips are at a high, but for me it's a year-round issue. Lucky for my poor, sad dry lips I've been taking some steps & precautions keep them soft and hydrated. For super soft, kissable lips, follow these steps below:

1.       Scrub Away With Me
Regular exfoliating of your lips helps to scrub away dry, icky skin and helps to soften your lips. You can apply a homemade sugar lip scrub, or try Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub that I have currently been using and loving.

2.       Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
As with your skin, regular moisturizing helps leave skin hydrated and silky soft… the same goes for your lips! Dry, chapped lips are definitely no fun as they can start cracking and can even start bleeding. Use balms throughout the day (I go between EOS Lip Balm and Carmex) and if you wear gloss or lipstick, use formulas with lip conditioning properties. Don’t forget to apply lip balm before you head to bed each night as well. Trust me, your lips (and your honey!) will thank you.

3.       Habitual Tendencies
DON’T bite or lick your lips! I’ll admit it, one of my worst (if not the worst!) beauty habits is biting my lips and like any habit is hard to break. When my lips get super dry I start biting them and then usually end up with a cold sore. Yuck! As weird as this sounds, even lip licking can dehydrate your lips. Take my advice and keep your lips well moisturized and un-bitten.

DO drink lots of water and eat your fruits & veggies! Did you know that dry lips are a sign of dehydration? Now you know, so drink that H2O up! Also, fruits and veggies will help balance your body’s pH, which can cause chapped lips if it’s off. The most easiest (and my personal favorite!) way to get my fruit & veggie fill is with a daily smoothie, such as this yummy tropical green smoothie

How do you keep your lips soft? Share your tips!

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