DO or DON'T: Slide Sandals

1. Stussy Link Leather Slide, NastyGal | 2. Birkenstock Boho Strappy Camper Sandal | 3. Kate Spade New York Imperiale Slide Sandals | 4. Steve Madden Malta Sandals | 5. Seychelles Dusk Slide Leather Sandals 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I didn't have any plans this weekend, which is a good thing because my next few weekends are going to be SUPER busy. I ended up at Target yesterday (how does that always seem to happen??) and picked up a super cute swim suit and bag that you'll be seeing on here soon :P

As I walked through the shoe section, slide sandals caught eye and I realized how these have become a pretty big trend since last summer. There's definitely a few questionable styles I wouldn't wear (such as #1 above- not my style!) but for the most part I think they're a cute alternate from the boring ol' flip flop.  Even the Birkenstocks (#2) are really cute! What do you think-- DO or DON'T?

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