Are Your #BrowsOnFleek? 3 Tips for Great Brows

Brow Tips from A Good Hue

I don't think that my brows, by any means, are perfect but I don't think they're half bad either. Aside from the occasional threading and a pluck here or there, they don't require much maintenance. Here's my top 3 tips for great brows:

1. Don't Get Pluck Happy
I've known a few people (no names!) who over the years have gotten just way too friendly with the tweezers. Put them down. Step away.

Only use your tweezers if you're cleaning up your brows and plucking the strays. Full brows are in, so don't go too thin! 

2. Easy on the Filler
If you do go too thin, you can always fill them in with brow pencil or powder. However, as with tweezing, don't go overboard. Case in point: A few years ago in a makeup class I was taking, one of the other students did my makeup and filled in my already-full brows. Holy brows! Not exactly the look I was after.

Use a shade that matches your hair color and use the pencil/powder/pen/gel (or, you can even use eye shadow in a matching shade!) to define your brows by filling in where needed and lining top and bottom. For me, I use a touch of powder to fill in the sparse area on the inner corners of my brows and to lengthen the outer end slightly. Then, take a spooly end (usually on brow pencils) or brow brush to comb your brows and brush out any hard lines, softening the definition to look more natural.

3. Let's Get High(light)
To really take your brows to the next level, add a highlight beneath the arch. The highlight will bring focus to the brows, giving them life and brightening the eyes, as well as to give them an instant lift. I will also blend a touch of highlighter above the tail end of my brow to perk up my brows and eyes even more.

My last bit of advice? Don't freak out if your brows don't match perfectly, everyone's face is different. So there you have it, 3 steps to #browsonfleek!

PS- Who came up with 'fleek' anyway? I feel like it's kind of like 'fetch'... or maybe I'm just getting old :/

Best Brow Tips  from A Good Hue

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