Must-Pack Must-Have Summer Traveling Essentials

1. Tote: Big totes are perfect multi-taskers: they serve as a carry-on for flights, are great for stashing vacation purchases & gifts, plus are perfect for the beach/pool. Right now I am loving how cute and summery the Stella & Dot Riviera Tote is!

2. Sundress: I always pack a bajillion sundresses-- they're cute, lightweight, breezy and hardly take up any space. You can wear them during the day for sightseeing, at night for dinner, or even as a beach cover up!

3. Swimsuit: (similar option on sale!) For me, stripes are a classic, plus I think they help visually give me more in the chest area! #smallboobproblems. Even if you're not sure you'll end up at a beach or by a pool, pack one anyway because you never know!

4. Hat: While exploring Charleston and Savannah this past week, my Panama Hat was on major replay. This has to be my most favorite summer hat type and looks good with pretty much every vacation outfit.

5. Aviator Sunglasses: A cute pair of sunnies is a MUST! Need I say more?

6. Denim Shorts: I always pack a pair of dark denim shorts-- they can be worn with tees and tanks, over your swim suit, or dress them up with a blouse!

7. Sandals: I try to keep my sandal packing to a minimum by having both a black pair and a brown/tan pair. They take up practically no room in the suitcase and I will pretty much wear them everywhere and with everything. This season, I am totally digging Target's selection of sandals.

8. Headphones: Are you ever stuck on a plane headphone-less when they show the in-flight entertainment? I know it's not just me trying to read their lips and figure out what's going on! It never fails, even if I tell myself to bring headphones, I always forget! Keep a set in your purse or travel bag so you'll never be without-- plus, they're great to have to plug into your phone or iPod while laying by the pool or at the beach.

9. Shimmer: Show off your summer glow with a touch of shimmer! My pick is the Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Illuminating Argan Oil-- my skin can reap all the benefits of argan oil, plus have a perfect glow.

10. Sunscreen: If you're planning to lay around at the beach or hang out outside in the sun, be sure to slather on (and reapply!) sunscreen. Skin cancer is not a good look for anyone.

Do you have any must-pack must-have travel essentials?


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