September 29, 2015

Good HUES-Day: Fall Denim

2015 Fall Denim Trends
Hart Denim 'Malli Rox' Flare Leg Jeans  | Articles of Society 'Faith' Flare Jeans | Topshop Moto A-Line Denim Miniskirt | New Look Petite Denim Shirt Dress

If there's one trend that's become most apparent for fall, it's denim and not just jeans. You'll find that denim skirts and even shirt dresses are tremding and the popular chambray isn't going anywhere either.  For jean lovers, flares are back in a big way!

How are you wearing denim this season?


  1. I am such a denim lover. I especially love denim shirts. Those light coloured flared are super cute those.
    P.S I think your logo/header looks great. Great design!

    Beth x

  2. I'm definitely excited that all things denim is still here to stay because last season, I wasn't able to wear all the looks I had planned and of course I've found some new inspiration I'm excited about :)

    I hope you have an amazing day, beauty!




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