Favorite Outfits of 2015

Happy New Year's Eve all! It's unreal that we're already heading into 2016, can you believe it?!? This year was filled with fun times, such as my travels to the South, Yosemite, New York, and so many good times with family; sad times with the loss of some special people and getting some not-so-good news about others; along with some new discoveries, new friendships, new stresses and so much more. 2015 was definitely filled with some ups, but also some downs.

One 'up' for me has been this blog-- it's been a year filled with new ideas, new creations and new outfits. Here's a few of my favorites from this past year:

First off is this sweater-shorts combo from back in January-- we shot these in a park and it was a very chilly day, it even started drizzling! I love the mix of textures with the thin silky floral shorts and the chunky sweater. A cute knit beret topped off the look! Get all the details here >> Winter Outfit: Floral Shorts + Sweater

Most of my picks involve florals in some way-- I adore floral prints and if you don't then you should probably leave. Kidding! Joking aside, I came across this pretty pink floral kimono at H&M and HAD to have it. For this outfit, I paired it with a spiky necklace and fun hat. Plus, check out those cheeks-- #highlighteronfleek. Get the outfit details >> OOTD: February Florals

Remember the madness that was Lilly Pulitzer for Target? I think I hit the 'refresh' button about a million & one times before I was able to get these cutie shorts in my cart. I love the print, and especially the stretchy material since these are from the girls' section- I was so happy they actually fit! Here's the details on this look >> Breezy Spring Look

Confession: I had never worn a romper before this summer. And now I own three. I am totally on the romper bandwagon now and one of my favorites is this tropical print romper. The only thing missing is the fruity cocktail with an umbrella. See more & get all the details here >> Summer Rompin'

I wore this linen peach dress while exploring Savannah this summer because well, I was in Georgia and peaches. It just made sense in my mind. It turned out being a smart move because this dress is so airy and comfy-- I pretty much lived in it the rest of the summer. Get the outfit details >> Peachy Keen in Savannah

This one recently made it on my fall outfit favorites list too and honestly, it's probably my favorite outfit and photos from this entire year. I fell in love with these dark flares and everything about this look is on point, from the crisp white button down to the cognac accessories... well at least IMO, I'm a little biased though! Here are all the outfit details >> Flares with Flair

Another one of my fall favorites that also includes florals. I managed to scoop this dress up on sale and with its dark floral pattern, I found it to be the perfect piece to transition to fall. Once the weather turned chilly, I could add a pair of tights underneath or top with a coat. I also want to take a moment to appreciate these boots- they were (still are!) a hit all fall long. Check out more + all the outfit details here >> Fall Transition: Floral Vibes

Do you have a favorite 2015 outfit featured here on A Good Hue? Tell me below!

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Thank you to all my readers for making this year so special, your support is always so appreciated and I am looking forward to continuing A Good Hue into the next year and beyond. Wishing you all a fun New Year's Eve and an amazing 2016!

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