First Look: DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Treatment

First Look: DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit

Cooler weather can wreak havoc on my already dry skin so exfoliators are typically my bff during the winter months. This week, I received the DERMAFLASH The Essentials Kit, a facial exfoliating device,  and I can't wait to try it out. The spa-inspired kit promises to gently remove dead skin, dirt and even pesky peach fuzz creating a smooth, radiant facial canvas.

The Essentials Kit includes the DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliating Device (including charger and base), six (6) x DERMAFLASH Exfoliating Edges, (1) 0.8 oz. tube Prep  and (1) 0.8 oz tube Soothe Here's a quick look at the kit, including the three easy steps for use:

First, wash face removing all makeup. Squeeze a dollop of DERMAFLASH PREP into hands and work into a lather then massage onto face. Rinse off thoroughly and dry face.

How to use: DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit

Carefully load a new exfoliating edge into the device-- they slide and click in easily. You'll want to use a new exfoliating edge each time you use the device (no more than once per week as noted).

Next, lay the device pad against your face to ensure proper positioning of the edge. In gentle strokes, sweep the edge down the cheeks, forehead, chin area and above lips to exfoliate and remove small hairs. As noted, you should use short, feathery strokes starting at your hairline and working in towards the middle of your face. Be sure to avoid brows, nose, lips and eye area.

How to use: DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit

How to use: DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit

After exfoliating, gently apply DERMAFLASH SOOTHE, a hydrating lotion, directly to your face.

How to use: DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit

The DERMAFLASH The Essentials Kit retails for $189 nd would make a fantastic last-minute gift and is now available at and will be in Sephora stores nationwide on Jan. 4th. Hurry and get that order in while there's still time!

First Look: DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit, now at Sephora

*I received a DERMAFLASH Essentials Kit in exchange for this post in partnership with People StyleWatch. All opinions are my own, no monetary compensation was provided

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