Get Organized: 5 Best Planners for 2016

Get Organized: 5 Best Planners for 2016
1. Day Designer | 2. Kate Spade New York 17-Month Agenda | 3. Sugar Paper Weekly/Monthly Planner | 4. Erin Condren Life Planner | 5. Emily Ley Simplified Planner 

Does anyone else love pulling out a fresh, new planner and start filling it out? It's one of my favorite things about the new year-- empty pages just waiting to be filled out with plans, notes and ideas. I can't help it, I'm a total goober. And if you're a goober like that, we can be goobers together :P

Right now I'm using a Agenda-- it's fun, colorful, and perfect for what I need-- basically just reminders and an editorial calendar for A Good Hue. These sell out quick but you can keep checking the site and retailers for new stock. This year, Santa Steve put a small, pretty Sugar Paper weekly/monthly planner in my stocking-- at just 3"x6", I'm able to stick it in all my bags and take it wherever I go. Plus the blush color is gorgeous! If you need a little no-frills planner for on the go, this is a winner.

Check out a few of my other planner picks, including daily planners for you gals who have a lot more going on and need to keep life organized.

How are you 'planning' to stay organized in 2016?

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