#PAPAYRUSMoment: From the Heart

#PapyrusMoment: Valentine's Day Cards from Papyrus

Remember back in elementary school how choosing the right Valentine's Day cards for the kids in your class was SUCH a big deal? The mean girl you didn't like would get one of the boring cards and just maybe her candy would 'accidentally' fall off (oopsies!), and you had to make sure not to give just any boy the special card (you wouldn't want the wrong one to get the wrong idea, ew!). Oh the anxiety that would ensue!  That special card took extra special attention-- the name was meticulously printed, it was placed in the envelope oh so carefully, even right down to the extra little drawn on hearts.

One year, during our second grade Valentine's Day festivities I had given a boy a special card. It was a cute Disney Aladdin card featuring Abu the monkey giving a dreamy stare saying "I'm bananas about you... Be mine". It was THE perfect card for my perfect little crush. One of my girl friends must have thought the same... she gave him the same exact card!

These days my card anxiety is at a minimum- I know I can always find the perfect Valentine's Day card for my main squeeze from PAPYRUS. From sweet and romantic, to funny and friendly, PAPYRUS has a mix of fun, sexy and chic cards, wrapping, even gift ideas. I especially like the handmade touches, such as little bows, a pop of glitter or something else unexpected. They take greeting cards to a special level making it easy for me to share with my special someone and create my own #PAPYRUSMoment.

Do you have a special Valentine's Day memory? Share your #PAPYRUSMoment below!

#PapyrusMoment: Valentine's Day Cards from Papyrus

Happy Valentine's Day <3

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