Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

While we all wish we can be Photoshop pros, sometimes it's easier to use an app on your iPhone to create stunning, well-edited images.  Keep reading for a few of my favorite apps to edit my photos to make them 'Gram worthy>>

1.  Afterlight: This is my go-to app for editing-- with a few taps I can easily brighten,  saturate or desaturate, crop, apply borders, filters, cool lighting effects and more. It's basically a one-stop shop for photo editing. Often, I'll use VSCO Cam and then use Afterlight.

2. VSCO Cam:  If you don't have VSCO Cam we cannot be friends.  Okay, we can be but WHY AREN'T YOU USING THIS YET? I feel like this is the Mac of the app world-- much loved by creatives, almost to that snobby level-- you know, the "Oh, you have a PC?" types. Seriously though, this app is pretty awesome- the filters are fantastic and aren't like any others that I can get through Afterlight or other editing apps. With VSCO Cam you can take your ordinary phone photos to extraordinary... no joke.

3. Diptic: For my collages I use the app Diptic. It's super simple to use, tons of layout options and I can even make those cool mirrored images. It's a paid app and you may find free collage apps, but this one is definitely a favorite!

4. Face Tune: I mean, let's be real- we all get a zit that we want to remove or want to make your teeth a little whiter in our photos. I get it, I do it to my photos all the time! This app is great for selfies and close-ups of the face to help improve complexion and minor skin fixes... just don't get too crazy with the smoothing and brightening tools-- have you seen those images that are overly Face Tune'd? Yikes! Don't be that person.

5. A Color Story: The newest photo app that I've downloaded is A Color Story, created by the talented gals over at A Beautiful Mess. The app is everything you would associate with them-- colorful, lively with fun effects and filters. While you do get some filters and effects with the free version, there are many more upgraded options that you can download. It's a great app that really helps brighten and make those colors pop!

Did I miss any, which photo editing apps are you loving?

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