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ghd Platinum Styler

Let's be honest- I spend WAY more time on my makeup than on my hair each morning. If I'm actually going to style my hair-- as opposed to throwing it up in a quick bun or letting it air dry-- I tend to gravitate towards simple hair styles, basically ones I can style using a flat iron. Since I'm constantly using heat on my hair, I need an exceptional and quality styler that won't destroy my hair. Whether I'm creating boho, beachy waves or super straight strands, the  ghd Platinum™ Styler has become my go-to for getting these cute styles in no time, without frying my hair. Read on to get all the scoop on this must-have tool >>

ghd Platinum Styler

What makes this iron different from every other straightener? The styler features what ghd (stands for "good hair day") calls Tri-Zone® Technology, which distributes heat evenly at a temperature of 365°F across the iron plates, helping to prevent damage to hair. The sleek design & U-shaped curve at the bottom makes it easy to hold and control, which helps make styling super easy no matter if I'm creating loose waves or ironing my hair straight!

ghd Platinum Styler

One of my favorite features of the styler is the signal it gives when it's fully heated and ready for use... it's like a magic wand tapped the styler making it good to go! Another favorite feature is that it takes no time to heat up, literally just a minute or two. No more waiting around while the iron heats up, or worse, forgetting to turn it on completely and then having to wait while you're rushing around getting ready.

On that note, have you ever been rushing out the door and had to turn around to make sure you actually turned off your iron? Too many times to count, right?! This styler will automatically turn off after 30 minutes of use so you won't be caught mid-drive to work thinking, "OMG did I turn the iron off?!?"

hair styling with the ghd Platinum Styler

My hair is is mainly straight with a bit of a wave and with past irons, I've always had issues with horrible split ends and breakage. Since using the Platinum™ Styler, paired with ghd's Advanced Split End Therapy,  I've noticed that my split ends are nowhere as bad as they were when I used my other iron-- in fact, I hardly have splits anymore and my hair has actually been looking healthier! The plates on the styler are designed with a high gloss finish which not only helps to protect and smooth hair, but provides a gorgeous, glossy shine as well.

As an added bonus, the styler also comes with a protective rubber sleeve to help cool the iron and prevent damage to surfaces. The sides of the plates are also protected, which helps keep your neck and fingers safe from burns... c'mon, we've all been there!

hair styling with the ghd Platinum Styler

If I'm being picky, the only con, at least for anyone who is extremely budget-conscious, is the price. At $249, the styler is on the pricier side however, if you're looking for a professional-grade quality iron that provides perfect results and added superior benefits (not to mention it won't destroy your hair!) then this is the one for you and is so worth it. Overall I am extremely happy and impressed with the quality of this iron and don't think I could ever go back! You can order the ghd Platinum™  Styler, hair accessories, products and more directly from www.ghdhair.com.

PS- Be on the lookout for exclusive promos-- my styler ended up coming with all the free gifts shown above- split end product, clips, brushes, combs & case!

Do you use a flat iron? Let me know your favorite flat iron 'do in the comments below!

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