How-To: Clean Designer Handbags

Picture this, you took the plunge and just bought a cute designer blush bag and have it proudly hanging from your arm... but then it slips and falls on the dirty ground (because we wouldn't purposefully set our designer bags on the ground, right?!?) or the backside starts turning blue from rubbing against your favorite pair of jeans-- oh no! 

I love switching up my bags from standard black but it's pretty much inevitable that my light-colored bags will end up stained or dirty, no matter how careful I try to be. Luckily I found a secret weapon that helps keep my light-colored bags clean, keep reading for the deets>>

My bags are an investment and I want to keep them looking their best and while I try my hardest to keep them clean, unfortunately stains happen :( 

In my search for a good yet inexpensive leather conditioner, I came across Weiman Leather Wipes, which turned out to be a godsend. At just $4-$5, these wipes contain natural cleaners and oils that clean, condition and even helps to moisturize the leather to keep it from drying out and cracking.  These wipes even contain UVX-15 sunscreen to help protect the leather from the sun. 

To use, gently sweep wipe across the leather surface-- the stains will lift immediately. That's it! You can use these wipes on pretty much every leather surface- bags, jackets, shoes, furniture and more. These wipes are seriously magic and are a total bag-saver!

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