Recipe File: Refreshing Watermelon Rosé Spritzer

Refreshing Watermelon Rosé  Spritzer

The best days of summer are those lazy days hanging out by the pool, at the lake or just chilling in the backyard with an ice cold drink in your hand and absolutely nothing on your agenda. As a wine drinker, sometimes there's just nothing more refreshing than a chilled, fruity wine spritzer, and trust me, those babies go down quick in the heat.

Watermelon is basically the unofficial official fruit of summer and a spritzer is basically the unofficial official drink of summer-- so I figured, what's better than putting them together? Especially when a rosé is involved. I mean, everything is better with rosé amiright? Click to get the recipe for this tasty, refreshing drink...
Refreshing Watermelon Rosé  Spritzer

Watermelon Rosé Spritzer
Watermelon cubes, frozen
1 cup Rosé wine, chilled
Watermelon flavored seltzer water, chilled (I used Spindrift Seltzer)
Watermelon chunks and mint for garnish

Add frozen watermelon cubes to wine glass, followed by chilled Rosé. Top with seltzer water. Garnish with watermelon chunk and mint. Cheers!

Spritzer fan? Tell me your yummy fruit + wine combos below!

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