Shrimp Spring Rolls with Sriracha Peanut Sauce

Shrimp Spring Rolls with Sriracha Peanut Sauce

There's many things that I'm good at-- keeping my closet organized and clean, getting to places on time, creating even winged eyeliner and I can cook a damn good chili. Rolling spring rolls is just not one of them. I know this, and I accept this.

Then again, I've only ever made them once. For this post. Maybe over time I'll get better at it because you can be sure that I'll be making these yummy rolls over and over again. I've been trying to get Steve to eat healthier and told him we'll be having salads at least once, but most likely twice, a week for dinner, especially too since it's been so hot. Who wants to cook??

Last night I thought it would be fun to try something light like a salad but different and spring rolls was it. Unfortunately Steve wasn't around to try these so I guess I'll just have to make them again. While my folding skills need some work, these were pretty quick to put together, including the sauce (SO, so good!). Here's the easy steps below:

Shrimp Spring Rolls *adapted from Damn Delicious
1/2 lb. Shrimp (medium-sized, peeled & deveined)
6 Rice Paper Wrappers (can be found at Asian markets)
1 cup Spinach or Romaine Lettuce
Rice Noodles, cooked & cooled
1 Cucumber, julienned
1 Carrot, peeled & julienned (I used the pre-shredded carrots... timesaver!)

Sriracha Peanut Dipping Sauce
1/4 cup Hoisin Sauce
2 TBSP Peanut Butter
1 tsp Sriracha (or more if you like it spicy!)
1 tsp Rice Vinegar
1/2 tsp Sesame Oil

Preheat frying pan and lightly drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Season shrimp with salt and pepper (I used lemon pepper, yummy!) and add to heated pan. Cook until pink and remove from heat to cool. 

Meanwhile, mix together all sauce ingredients and set aside.

Wet rice paper for about 10-20 seconds and lay flat onto work surface. Start with the spinach or lettuce (or both- go for it!), add cooked rice noodles, cucumber, carrot and finally shrimp. Wrap similar to a burrito by rolling one side of the wrap over the filling and secure ends in. Serve with the Sriracha peanut dipping sauce and enjoy!

Tell me are you a spring roll fan?

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