10 Low- Key Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve

10 Low- Key Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve

The countdown to 2017 is on! This year I have absolutely zero plans to go out for New Year’s Eve and am looking forward to a low-key and wallet-friendly evening. If you’re like me and plan on keeping the evening casual, check out some of these inexpensive ideas that you can do with friends, or even just you and your honey:

1.       Game Night
When it comes to party games, I am always one of the first to jump on board (get it? Bad pun…)  so the thought of a NYE game night is right up my alley. Serve up some drinks, gab some chairs and pull out Cards Against Humanity, the Game of Things (or Nasty Things, no judgement), or even something a bit more physical like jumbo Jenga or Twister. You can keep it couples only, or if you have a big group, divide into teams for some friendly competition.

2.       Karaoke Night at Local Bar
Keeping it low-key doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay in. Head to the local watering hole for some down home fun karaoke and have everyone channel their inner Celine Dion. If a bar isn’t your kind of place or you’re not up for having an audience, you can also find KTV lounges that rent out private karaoke party room for the night—with some you can even bring your own drinks and snacks!

3.       At-home Movie Night
This one may be the least bit exciting and okay, a bit cliché, but sometimes there’s just nothing better you want to do than curl up on the couch with a blanket and some popcorn and get caught up on all the movies you’ve been wanting to watch or pulling out your classic favorites for a night in. Or hey, get a little festive and let a little SJP, Ashton Kutcher, Bon Jovi and Zac Efron into your living room with New Year’s Eve.

4.       Potluck
Hosting a NYE get-together with friends? Challenge everyone to bring their favorite dish for a potluck. Less cooking for you, more eating for everybody.

5.       Ice Skating
I’m not entirely sure why I’m even suggesting this given that I am an atrocious skater. However, I will say that ice skating can be a fun (or at least a funny) time, offers a decent workout and can be romantic skating around the rink hand-in-hand (or clutching each other trying not to fall!) with your sweetie. There’s plenty of year-round ice rinks (even here in SoCal) or you can visit one of the pop-up rinks, such as the one I recently skated at WinterFest OC.

6.       Bake-a-Thon
No, not as in ‘let’s g et baked,’ but actual baking- baking with cookies, brownies and all types of yummy snacks. Have a few friends over to spend the night baking, decorating and of course, taste-testing your delicious creations.  Calories don’t count over the holidays, remember?

7.       PJ Party Binge-a-thon
Another low key party option with friends it to invite everyone over (pajamas only!), toss some blankets and pillows on the floor to create one huge comfy space, break out some munchies and binge-watch some TV faves. Girls only? Gilmore Girls, Girls, or Pretty Little Liars are always fun. Mixed crowd? Flick on The Office, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad or even Friday Night Lights (Football for the guys and football players for the gals).

8.       Pamper Night
Give your girlfriends the gift of ‘me’ time. Pick up some face masks (sheet masks are great for fuss-free, mess-free fun), paint each other’s nails, soak your feet, lather up the lotion, and even take turns giving each other massages with the crazy massager your mom gave you for Christmas many moons ago. Sit back, relax and have a glass of bubbly or two- you deserve it.

9.       Plan a Trip
If you’re like me, throughout the year you are constantly thinking, or even saying, “I’d love to go here!” Here’s your chance to put that into action and plan your first trip of 2017.  While I know I’ll be traveling for work more this year, I do want to take a few trips for fun. We’ve been talking about heading up to Napa for a wine tasting adventure, I’d love to check out Nashville, Seattle and a few other places as well. There’s no better time than now to get it all planned out and booked.

10.   Do Absolutely Nothing
Stay home, hang out on the couch, watch the ball drop, paint your nails, work on your blog, sleep, whatever, it’s a-ok. No judgement from me!

No matter what your plan is, wishing you all a fab New Year’s Eve! 

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