How-To Use Beauty Facial Oils

How-To Use: Beauty Facial Oils

While browsing around online today :cough: wasting time :cough: I came across a pic of Chandler and Monica's wedding... saying that they would be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary! Is that not nuts?!? I felt so old reading that... has it really been that long? Holy guacamole.

Even though I'm over 30, I like to think that I can pass for mid-twenties still. Since I was a teenager I've been pretty good with skin care-- washing my face and making sure to use moisturizer, especially since my skin can get dry. For the past couple years I have also been using oils more and more to help hydrate and give my skin a radiant look. I started with a pure argan oil and my oil collection has immensely grown since. Here's a few oils (all under $25!) that I have currently been loving:

Physicians Formula Bright Booster Oil Elixir: This has become one of my favorite daytime oils that I can wear on it's own, or under makeup. This lightweight elixir includes a mix of mongongo oil & rhodiola extract that helps to not only hydrate skin but helps it look more radiant. If you hate greasy feelings, you'll like this oil because it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feel. Plus, it has a nice soft lavender scent.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend: Out of all the oils I have, I think this one has my favorite scent- like a fresh bouquet of roses, but not in an overpowering way. This oil blends sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils that work together to nourish the complexion and help preserve youth... at least I hope it does. It feels so nice on skin-- luxurious and smoothing- it makes my skin feel super soft.

Perfectly Posh Call It a Night Nighttime Oil: Another mix, I apply this oil just before bed so it can work its hydrating magic overnight. It contains oils like jojoba, lavender (which is great for helping to promote restfulness!), rosemary, evening primrose oils and botanical extracts such as green tea which packs some antioxidant power.

Physicians Formula Illuminating Argan Oil: A twist on the pure argan oil, this illuminating oil includes soft specks of shimmer that really give my skin a glowing finish. I love pairing this oil with foundation-- either applying it before the foundation OR mixing it directly into my foundation. To be honest, this oil looks a bit scary- like its packed full of glitter- but don't let that deceive you. When applying, the shimmer is light and just blends effortlessly into skin leaving a very pretty glow. I definitely recommend giving this one a try!

While my skin is on the drier side and I tend to use them for moisturizing benefits but did you know that facial oils can be good for oily skin as well? Some oils are great for oily skin and even acne prone skin as well. Reach for jojoba, argan or marula oils and other plant-based oils to give skin a radiant glow and reap the antioxidant benefits of these oils.

Tell me, do you use facial oils? If so, what's your fave?


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