3 Ways to Prep for Summer Travel

3 Ways to Prep for Summer Travel

Summer and vacation go hand-in-hand and while it's exciting to envision yourself sitting on a beach with a Mai Tai in hand, preparing for that trip and traveling itself can often be stressful. Before you set up that out-of-office reply, keep reading for my top three tips for prepping for summer travel:

1. Pack with Ease

I typically stick with one suitcase and one carryon bag (usually holds my makeup, computer, iPad, book etc.) Try to stick with this rule so you don't have to pay extra baggage fees. If you won't be gone long, opt for a smaller suitcase you can use as a carryon.

Make a list and plan outfits ahead of time. I like to pack things I can mix and match- say 1 pair of shorts or jeans that can be paired with a variety of tops. It also helps to make sure you take everything you need (under garments, hair brush, the right shoes, etc.)

Don't pack anything your hotel room will have like a hair dryer, or iron. That will take up precious space that can be used for other items. Don't sweat it if you forget your toothbrush- the hotel may have some on hand or you can pop into a nearby drugstore.

2. Beauty Prep

Travel sized products are a godsend but if your favorite beauty products don't come in the smaller size, make your own! Simply purchase a set of travel size bottles and fill them from your regular stash. If you're traveling by air and have carryon only, make sure to put all liquids into a plastic baggie and pack where you can easily pull them out in the security line.

For fragrance, the samples sizes you get in Sephora or Ulta Beauty orders are so perfect for travel and always get tossed in my travel beauty bag. I also like to take a basic neutral eye shadow palette as opposed to having a bunch of loose eye shadows, along with all my basic makeup brushes. I feel like I can get away without having three different sized contour brushes for a few days :P

I also typically wash my hair, do my nails and exfoliate before trips so it's done and I don't need to worry about it, or in the case of hair washing, for the next couple days (hello, dry shampoo!)

3. Travel Comfortably

Finally, traveling can be challenging enough and there's nothing worse than being uncomfortable while traveling. I'm always freezing cold on planes so I make sure to take a sweater or jacket with me, which also helps to save room in my suitcase. Make sure you wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off in the security line (and that you can wear socks with-- bare feet on those dirty floors? Ew!)

If I'm taking a red eye, I'll dress super comfortably for the plane and bring a change of clothes in my carryon to change into once I arrive. While I do try to ask for early check-in, sometimes the hotel isn't able to accommodate and I don't want to be stuck in sweats all day.

How do you prepare for summer vacations?

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