Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Four Favorites: Birthday Favorites

This Sunday I'll be celebrating my 29th birthday-- eeks! I really can't believe I'm almost 30 and I'm trying not to totally freak out. Kidding! To kick off my birthday celebration, I'm highlighting a few birthday favorites in this week's Four Favorites:

Red velvet cupcakes are my absolute favorite, can't wait to have one (or a few!) of these this weekend! 

Every girl needs a new dress for her birthday and this cute H&M Lace Dress is so me... and it's under $20, an amazing buy!

Where it lacks budget-wise, this Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote more than makes up for it in amazingness. I'm in need of a camel-colored bag and definitely wouldn't mind opening this one up.

Finally, how delicious smelling does a birthday cake shower gel and lip gloss sound? To really capture that birthday feeling, Philosophy's Birthday Girl set would really drive home that birthday feeling.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good HUES-Day: Earth Day Inspired Goodness

1. Crossbody Bag, Matt & Nat | 2.The Body Shop Hemp Intensive Hand Butter | 3. Single Feather Necklace, Alkemie | 4. Habit Cosmetics Nail Polish | 5. Beaded Tank Top, H&M | 6. Spectra Green Classics, Tom's | 7. Tribal Sunset Macbook Case, Della | 8. Union Square Skirt, Threads for Thought | 9. Light the Way Candle, Aveda

Happy Earth Day! We grew up with the saying recycle, reduce, reuse and if you're like me, you try to instill that mantra into our daily lives by recycling, watching our energy and electric usage, etc. With the green movement taking off in the past few years, we can now apply that mantra to the products we use and clothes we wear by supporting businesses who support sustainability with eco-friendly wares.

I was pleasantly surprised with how many awesome items I found while compiling this list-- cute clothes, great beauty producs and even super cool accessories! While many of these brands and items are made using sustainable practices, recycled materials,  and natural ingredients, there are also the companies who donate to support our planet and its people. Aveda, for instance, is offering 100% of the purchase price of their Light the Way Candle to support water-related projects around the world; and Threads For Thoughts ethically sources their sustainable materials and factory workers. Super cool.

How do you give back to Mother Earth?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top Picks: Self Tanners

Ever since I had a mole scare several years ago, I limit my time in the sun and diligently slather on the SPF. With so much sun protection, it can be challenging to develop a nice, bronzed tan. Luckily, self tanners have become my color saving grace-- taking my pasty winter legs to a natural-looking tan. Herr's a few of my favorite self tanners, plus a newbie budget-friendly option.

I was browsing around looking for a budget-friendly self tanner and this one popped up. I had no clue Hawaiian Tropic makes a tanner! In a creamy formula, I hope this one smells as good as their sunscreen line.

My absolute favorite self tanner I have ever used. The mousse formula makes for a consistent  even coverage, leaving no streaks, and the color is the most natural-looking I have used, although not very dark. I apply this with the St. Tropez tanning mitt to keep coverage even... and my hands tanner free!

When I'm wanting a deeper tan, I'll reach for the bronzing gel. Again, with St. Tropez I get a good natural-looking tan, without the streaks. Really loving their formulas!

I received this tanning mousse in the Lucky FABB gift bag and tried it last weekend. I have to say, would drive a wedge in my love for St. Tropez but it's a bit pricey for me. The color develops quickly,  there is no odor, it applies smoothly and even includes organic botanical extracts. If the price tag doesn't scare you away and you are wanting a tanner that lasts and is quality, I definitely recommend giving this one a try.

5. Tan Towel, $24 for 5 towelettes
I like Tan Towels because they are quick and easy, I mean, it's tanner on a wipe! The color payoff is good, however I feel you get more bang for your buck with a mousse/cream/gel in terms of applications. 

I haven't used this for a couple of years as I had stocked up on mark.'s glowing moisturizer but as soon as I run out, I will be picking up this again. I use this as a daily moisturizer on top of my tanner to prolong the length of my tan. I think Jergens works especially great on those with fair skin, giving a subtle, natural glow that doesn't come out orange-y or unnaturally dark on lighter skin tones. 

Do you have a favorite self tanner or are there any you would especially like to try?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Style: Music Festival Fashion Round 2

festival fashion
Floral Print Kimono: Delia's | Crochet Bralette: 2020Ave | Peach Shorts: Delia's | Oxford Flats: ModCloth | Eco-Friendly Tote, Etsy | Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Heart Ring: Catbird

Coachella is back for the second weekend, along with round 2 of my Saturday Style: Festival Fashion. Happy weekend!