March 21, 2017

Soft Spring Makeup with It Cosmetics: Review, Look + LINKUP

It Cosmetics Spring Makeup Look

I first tried It Cosmetics about two years ago and have been hooked since (especially on their Brow Power- wow! You can read more about it below). Today I'm sharing a soft, smokey eye, perfect skin  look that is perfect for spring using some of my go-to products from It Cosmetics. The best part? This entire look took under 20 minutes!

Keep reading to follow the how-to and get the insight on some of my fave It Cosmetics' must-haves PLUS join in this week's Good HUES-Day link party>>

March 20, 2017

Brand Collaborations Pt. 2: Pitching Brands

How to Pitch Brands Successfully

In Part 1 of my Brand Collaborations series, How to Not Get Brands to Work With You, I outlined some of my biggest pet peeves as someone who works in influencer outreach and collaborations. This week, I wanted to share my top tips on writing successful pitches to brands you would like to partner with. Here are my top 5:

1. Tailor Your Pitch: I can 100% tell when a pitch comes through that has most likely been copy-pasted dozens of times. It's incredibly general and does not mention anything about the brand. I'm more likely to want to collaborate with someone who shares why the brand would be a good fit for their blog, if they have used the brand before (extra points!) or any personal anecdotes about the brand or products.

If you're able to personalize the pitch, please do so. If we met at a conference or event, mention that! I'm more likely to be favorable to pitches from bloggers I have already met or have a connection to.

2. Be Specific:  In your pitch, be sure to include details about what you want from the collaboration, what you're offering and be upfront about your sponsorship fees. I love getting pitches that outline exactly what the influencer wants to do, how they'll be using the products and positioning the brand. However, some won't mention any sort of fee in their initial email which leaves me going 'Great! Is there a fee or do they just want product... or??' Don't leave me guessing.

3. Keep It Professional: Treat the email pitch as you would any piece of professional correspondence- polite, friendly and grammatically correct. I'm not sure which is worse, a pitch that comes off as condescending and demanding or one that includes grammatical errors or lacks basic sentence structures.

Also, please feel free to follow up-- sometimes I get wrapped up in other projects or meetings and unfortunately forget about your email. Or, maybe I'm just waiting on the go-ahead. Follow ups help get you back on my mind. Just please don't incessantly follow up or send the same email over and over.

4. Include a Media Kit: Your media kit doesn't have to be anything fancy or even an attachment. You can just include a few lines in your pitch about monthly page views, unique visits and a couple links to similar content that you feel would align with the brand you are pitching to. I have seen shops and even other bloggers selling media kit templates and they honestly aren't worth the spend or taking the time to constantly update it. I suggest that you include your stats and links at the end of your pitch, or link to a media kit page on your blog.

5. Add Your Links: Always, always, ALWAYS include links or hyperlinks to your blog/channel and social media profiles in your pitch. One of my biggest pet peeves and a huge turn off is not including links that click directly to your profiles and blog (unless we have an established relationship and I know you).  I mentioned this in Part 1, but it's so important to me that I just have to mention it again. Please do not make me hunt for your social stats or worse, try to bait me into replying to you in order to get your information. No joke, I received a pitch this past week in which the sender talked up their social following and then wrote that if I were interested they would then send me their link. Dah-lete!

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

March 15, 2017

Spring Beauty Trend: Mauve

Mauvelous Makeup: Mauve Beauty Picks

I'm calling it now, I think mauve is going to be one of spring's hottest beauty trends. In fact, I think it's already on the cusp of having it's moment. Mauve is a pretty pale dusty purple-pink shade that can run more lilac to a dusty nude. It's one of those shades that looks flattering on pretty much every skin tone.  From shadows to blush to lips, mauve is topping my makeup must list. Click below to shop some of my top picks


Have a mauvelous day!

March 7, 2017

Florals and OTK Vibes + LINKUP

Forever21 Navy Floral Shirt Dress and Frye OTK Boots

If there's one print that has taken over my entire closet, it is florals. I've been cleaning out my closet and getting rid of some items but it looks like the floral prints are there to stay. I love a good floral print and when I saw this shirt dress, it was love at first sight. I love the blend of navy and rust colored flowers, and what better to pair with a shirt dress than a fab pair of OTK boots?

Keep reading to find out how I scored these boots at an unbelievable price + join this week's Good HUES-Day link party>> 

March 6, 2017

Makeup Monday: Revive Dull, Tired Skin

Tips to Revive Dull, Tired Skin

Anyone else feel like their skin needs some extra help? Winter weather can be brutal on skin, especially if you have drier skin like me,  or if you live in an area with dry weather (me again!) and can really use some TLC to get skin looking bright and radiant again. Today I'm sharing a few of my tips, along with the best products, to revive dull, tired looking skin and how you can incorporate these into your skin care and makeup routine>>

In my experience, dry skin always looks more dull. Be sure to hydrate skin with moisturizer or facial oil day and night to reap the moisturizing benefits. I apply a lightweight daytime oil then apply my moisturizer, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer on top. At night, after washing my face I will apply either an argan oil or a nighttime oil, such as the Perfectly Posh Call It a Night Nighttime Facial Oil.

Using a toner, such as the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, after cleansing the face helps to brighten skin. This one cleans out pores and removes any dirt and impurities. This particular toner includes a mix of glycolic acid ginseng and aloe vera that work together to brighten skin and is one I highly recommend.

Apply concealer not only cover but to brighten the under eye area. Try It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Concealer for full-coverage to cover up any under eye circles. Or, sheer it out for all-over coverage for a radiant complexion.

To give skin a sun-kissed boost, apply a gradual tanner such as Vita Liberata Self Tanning Anti Age Serum, which not only gradually tans the face but conditions and provides anti-aging benefits as well. Since this is a serum, you can add it to your moisturizer or apply it on its own and use it as a primer before applying makeup.

A little cheek color can also help wake-up tired and dull skin. I recommend applying a cream blush on the  apples of cheeks for a "just pinched" natural look. Try Stila Convertible Color for a sheer tint... you can also apply to lips for a pop of color as well.

To give skin a pretty glow, add a light touch of highlighter to the tops of cheekbones. I love using the Colourpop Highlighters (favorites include Lunch Money and Flexitarian), which have a super-soft, almost cream like texture, and apply using a brush for a sheer, barely there glow.

When skin isn't at it's best, you can wear a bold lip color to draw attention from your skin to your lips instead. A bright red will add instant radiance to dull looking skin. My pick? Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick (pictured above in Gazpacho).

How do you keep skin looking radiant during winter months?


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