Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good HUES-Day: 5 Lip Colors for Summer

Today I'm rounding up my top 5 lip colors for summer but I have a horrible secret-- I haven't even been wearing ANY lip color lately. I used to be all about lip color and it's apparent from the cosmetic case I have that's filled with lip products-- glosses, lipsticks, lip stains, lip pencils, you name it! I've been super bad about wearing lip products, besides balm, for the past year and have been sticking to one or two nude-pink safe shades when I do wear color. BOOOORRR-RRRING! 

I'm vowing to step it up and start wearing some more color on my lips this summer, especially pretty corals, fuchsias and hot pinks, and peaches-- whether it's a peachy coral lipstick or a sheer nude pink. Hey, I'm not totally going to give up on my safety color-- it goes with everything! 

What is your favorite lip product for summer?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Style: Modern Grunge

Happy Saturday! Pull that plaid shirt out of your closet this weekend and tie it around your waist, pairing with your favorite distressed shorts, a simple black crop or tank, and a pair of studded gladiators. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Beautisol Medium Self-Tanning Mousse

best self-tanning

You may remember several weeks ago when I reviewed Beautisol’s Exscrub Me? Citrus Face Exfoliant, today I’m back with another product review Beautisol's Medium Self-Tanning Mousse, a vegan and cruelty-free lightweight, quick-drying self-tanner.

Using the applicator mitt, I applied the mousse tanner to my body, starting with my legs. When applying self-tanners, I highly recommend using an applicator mitt as it helps to evenly distribute the product and does not leave any streaks. Plus, your hands stay clean and tanner-free!

self-tanner application

I had used the tanner the previous week and have been outside in the sun so my legs had more color already, however you can quickly the color develops just moments after applying.

While the tanning effect is immediate, the color will continue to deepen throughout the day. For best results, the packaging directs to exfoliate in the shower first before applying product and to stay away from water for 6-8 hours while the color develops. One of the things I love most about this formula is that it is quick drying. I can pretty much apply it and minutes later put on my clothes without creating a tanning mess.

The other best part of this tanner is that it doesn’t have that icky tanning odor! The product is formulated with what Beautisol calls PURE SCENT technology, which basically eliminates any tanner processing fragrances. Another bonus? Apparently the self-tanner includes anti-aging properties that help moisturize skin as well… who doesn’t love multi-functionality?

self-tanner application

As you can see, the color is natural and orange-free… and no streaks! Beautisol products can be purchased at and just for my readers, Beautisol is offering 15% off any purchase using code BBLOGGER

Ready to get your tan on? Check out this post on summer ready skin for helpful tanning tips.

*I was provided product to review by iFabbo, however opinions expressed are solely my own. No monetary compensation was provided for this review.