June Jacobs Spa Collection Review

Holiday scented beauty

I had hoped to get this review up before the holidays, but the last week has been pretty hectic. In the industry I work in, beauty products and items find their way across my desk and these are some of the products. While I did not purchase these items, the views and opinion in this review are solely my own.

While I had heard of June Jacobs Spa Collection previously, I had never tried any of the products. The items in the kit I received included the Peppermint Hand and Foot Therapy, Cranberry Body Balm, and the Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque. I hope you've noticed an ongoing theme-- all three are holiday scented! These products have a high-end spa quality and are all paraben and preservative-free and contain natural oils and extracts.

The Peppermint Hand and Foot Therapy has become a staple on my bathroom counter and for good reason. The lotion has a luxuriously thick consistency, yet blends in easily without leaving a greasy feeling. The mint extract helps to soothe and heal dryness; the scent is soft, not overpowering.

I tend to stick with moisturizers and lotions that I don't feel that I have to reapply constantly throughout the day (hand lotion excepted) and that leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Made with shea butter, the Cranberry Body Balm does just that. Similar to the hand and foot therapy, the body balm has a thicker consistency then most lotions, leaving my skin silky smooth... and delicious smelling!

About once a week, I use the Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque-- typically while in the shower  for 5-10 minutes after I cleanse and dry my face. I expected the masque to have a strong, imitation pumpkin-spice scent yet the product's pumpkin scent is very light and authentic smelling. Once on, I do feel a tingling sensation (not burning) After washing off, the masque leaves my skin feeling smooth and is said to leave pores smaller (my pores are fairly small already so I don't notice much difference there). It is slightly drying (I have combination skin) so those with dry skin may find it too drying.

If you are looking to try new spa-quality skin care products, I do recommend these three above. I am definitely interested in trying a few more items from the June Jacobs Spa Collection, including the Cooling Cucumber Cleanser, Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Masque, and eye care (I am all about anti-aging and/or brightening eye creams!)

Have you tried any products from this collection? Share!

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