High Five For Friday

Well, today I was going to share a pizza party post however as I was about to input images I couldn't find them and am pretty sure I deleted them. Total dumb dumb move. I guess that means I'll have to make more pizza :P

Instead I'm going to share 5 favorites from the past week:

I'm in and out of the top 8, which is where I need to be in order to win a spot as a blogger at WWD MAGIC. Today is the LAST DAY to vote and I need your help! Please head over to Facebook and vote for me before 11 pm tonight:


Love this quote from DVF and find it to be so true! Over the year's my personal style has evolved (and it hasn't always been good), but I feel I'm at a point where I know what I like and what will fit my body right.

Caught a gorgeous sunset shot of Steve this past weekend, here's a few more photos. Not too sure about his personal flannel-and-baseball-hat style :P

How can you not saw 'awww' when seeing these two cuties getting cozy on the couch together? The big guy in the back is Sammy, my cat who lives at my parents' and the lil gal is Sprinkles, my sister's kitty.

This past weekend I mixed up my own skinny margaritas with my new friend, Jordan, using my juicer to juice fresh limes and an orange-- they were a tad on the sour side but an extra squeeze of agave helped. Yum!

Oh, and here's the only image of my beautiful pizza I still have:

Let's all give a high five for Friday!

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