Four Favorites: Girly Things


1. New Icons of Fashion Illustration | 2. Winked Necklace, Anthropologie | 3. Macarons | 4. Glam print, SS Print Shop

I am a girly-girl through and through. Pink, floral, cutesy, anything you would remotely describe as 'girly' I am 99.9% sure I would like. This week, I wanted to highlight a few girly things I'm currently loving including a book highlighting 29 fashion illustrators-- how perfect would this be for the coffee table? Speaking of art, I absolutely love Stephanie Sterjovski's prints and am loving how simple and cute this one is. Oh, and I can't forget how adorable this winking necklace is! 

To me, macarons are a girly dessert-- they're delicate, cute, and are available in different flavors and colors. I've been wanting to make my own macarons but many recipes I found seem pretty advanced and intense; however, a couple of months ago I came across this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Picky Palate, that seems easy enough. I'll give it a try soon and let you know how it goes :P

What are you loving this week?

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