Four Favorites: Easter

While we don't so much to celebrate Easter (although to be honest, I wouldn't mind an Easter basket filled with chocolates and goodies!), it's great to spend the day with family and of course, having the obligatory Easter egg or two... or usually for me, deviled eggs. This week, I'm rounding up my Easter Four Favorites:

1. Decorating Easter eggs: I love the pretty watercolor designs on these! Different and simple.

2. Whenever I think of Easter, the Peter Cottontail song starts playing in my mind, "Here comes Peter Cottontail... Hopping down the bunny trail..." Oh, now it's stuck in your head? You're welcome.

3. Yummy and cute Krispy Easter Eggs! What's not to love about rice krispy treats and pretty sprinkles?!?

4. I fell extremely short this year in this department but I love springy, cute Easter decorations. I'll be better next year about this, promise!

What do you love most about Easter?

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