May 13, 2014

Good HUES-Day: Sheerly There Sheer Lip Gloss

I'll be honest: I have been lagging in the lip department. Lately I've been grabbing for Chapstick and that's it. No gloss, no color. I'm starting to get back into using lip gloss-- I have SO much of it! My favorite shades are barely there pinks, nudes and peaches but once in awhile I'll mix it up with a sheer red or berry.

What's your can't live without lip gloss?


  1. I've been purposely using more lip colors, too. I have quite the collection and feel the need to use them up! I love the Rose from Sugar, too... it's such a pretty wash of color and so moisturizing!

    xo Always, Abby

  2. I haven't been doing much with my lips either. But since it's gotten so much nicer I want to be a little more colorful! I have more lipstick than anything that I need to get through!


  3. I am obsessed with lip glosses! The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is one of my all time favorites!


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