May Healthy Living Favorites

Um you guys, May is almost finished, which means it’s almost June (yay, I know my months!) and that means SUMMER! Before this starts sounding like a bad Rebecca Black parody I better get to today’s post. This Four Favorites Wednesday I am linking up my May Health Favorites:

I recently started taking a mat Pilates class Wednesday nights (I tried reformers once and it kicked my butt) and really enjoy it! No matter what type of exercise class you’re thinking about taking—yoga, spin, kickboxing—I recommend checking out to see if there are any Groupon or Living Social deals in your area. It’s a great way to try out a new program and see if it’s one you want to stick with. (Image via)

When going to class, I usually wear a pair of yoga capris and throw a tank top on over a sports top I’ve had for ages. Comfort is key but hey, don’t judge me if I still want to look good working out. Kohl's has some very cute, and ON-SALE, options for the workout.

I’ve been using this adorable pink blender for several weeks now; I mean how cute is it?!? While it’s no match for my NutriBullet, it still does a pretty good job at quickly blending up my everyday smoothies. For around $20, the Elite Cuisine Personal Drink Mixer is such a good deal. Plus, it’s pink and so cute, did I mention that?

Speaking of smoothies, I recently started using Vega, a plant-based vegan protein powder. I’ve never been a fan of protein powders and drinks, they taste funky, have a chalky feel… I’m just not a fan. Vega’s powders do not have the typical protein powder taste at all and in fact, taste really good, plus they have 15g of protein per serving. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a recipe later this week featuring Vega—it’s so yummy and the perfect post-workout drink/meal replacement!

Do you have any health-related tips to pass along? Share!

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